• Courtney Noelle Maddox

My Word of the Year 2019

Hey friends, I can't believe it is 2019, woooza mendoooza how did that happen? Time flies, mom was right the older you get the faster it goes, and then you ad tech to the mix! #speedoflight

OK so as I reflected on last year and my vision board, goals and all that jazz.....LET ME JUST SAY THIS... I AM not putting the word HUSTLE again. I mean when I look back, (I will share more of my fashion adventures later)

I was on. . .

45 Flights

Gone Countless Days

Sure, prob gained a few pounds, but enJOYed myself and am currently practicing self love.

Didn't meet all my goals (but hey I am human) So that is why I am here choosing another word for 2019!

I CHOOSE JOY. I know so cliche b/c it's in the name of my brand, but hey God spoke to me and it's on my heart. I am going to enjoy my life, my husband, my grind, my hustle, my friends, everything. All the feels friends.

This world needs more JOY. I am going to try to spread it like confetti to all those around me. Joy is contagious and the more JOY you have in your life the better.

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