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A DIY office so magical, a brand was born!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018


iz later and the story of #Losangeles and the #fashionindustry later)

About five years, my wonderful hubby and I had the itch to move. . .Huntington Beach/ Los Angeles just didn't feel right anymore. We put on our courage pants (After getting our sweet dog Sophie, which was an absolute God-send! The Mountains were calling. . .and when we landed it here it finally felt like HOME. (Although moving was so stressful, more on that later, I know I know I keep saying that alot, but I have a long story)

So we were so blessed to find a home that I knew in my gut was it! I looked at our agent and said this is it, it is magical here! And so it began. . I listened to my heart and my husband didn't hesitate, when I said I wanted to paint the ceiling hot pink with tons of glitter. He was like babe, "Go For It", #trustyourvision, and that I did. It was like years of creativity were finally coming to life! Then, it was featured in a magazine, and my love for #DIY #homedecor began. Hey, I got pretty crafty with the help of the hubs, and some friends! (I will post a how to later, yah that flower wall is pretty sick, and I would love to show you how to b/c everyone needs a magical flower wall)

I found a desk on craigs list b/c mine broke in the move (more on that later). So the journey began, I went with all the feels and created. . .Joyfully In Style which is this amazing room I sit from almost every day except for when I am #jetsetting for the fashion industry and hustling for the many brands I am blessed to work with. (Again, for the millionth time, more on that later)

My Point being friends. . . Sometimes it takes #courage, #grit, and realizing maybe not everything is going the way you planned. . .Listen. . . God Speaks and opens the doors you never thought possible. Honestly, I didn't think five years ago, I would be writing and sharing this story and office from the amazing #Denver which I am so blessed and happy to call home!

More to come. . .Finally my first blog post is up, THANK GOD and my #tribe for giving me a hot pink hug wrapped in glitter so I could do this! . . .Watch out friends it's time to SHINE and share JOY and live our best life yet!

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