Hello there thanks so much for stopping by! I am excited to tell you a little bit about me and my journey. First things first, I will get the business stuff out there. . .


 I am  A high-energy and visionary retail strategist  (Who will occasionally wear a Tiara, why not?...Don't judge before you try it) with over 15 years of management experience within top retail manufacturing companies in the CPG industry. Excels in leading and defining an overall sales strategy, leading creative collaboration and coordination of a team with majors/ department stores, and boutique retailers worldwide. An award-winning sales marketing director recognized for her ability to develop unique, story-driven, high-growth brands from the ground up in the consumer product and B2B spaces.

A Colorado Native that chased my dreams to Los Angeles, the city of bright lights start my career in the Fashion Industry after graduating from Colorado State University. I worked with a large manufacturer behind the scenes in design and then when I realized design wasn't my passion, the owner of the company quickly put me into sales.  I will never forget being 23 and having to give all 15 Dillard's buyers the presentation while she was on maternity leave.... everyone in the showroom's eyes was on me, including the other two owners. I was nervous but I pushed through and loved it! #nailedit! I have been building relationships with retailers big and small ever since. It was what my passion was. It mixed my creativity with helping a brand with ideas and helping companies grow. 


Next Stop. . . .With my bestie Tiffany Corbett after working hard in the apparel industry and making many connections, we decided to take the plunge and start... Girl ExtraOrdinaire. We worked day and night and built it from the ground up and created an industry that didn't even exist. We inspired a lot of girls to be ExtraOrdinaire, and as an entrepreneur, I wore many hats and we were able to build something we could sell to our competition b/c of the brand name we had built and the relationships we had sold to the top retailers in the industry. (Long Story Made Short, we can have coffee and I can tell you all the magical details)


All of this was going on I had a total side hustle. . .NaturesNotebook.com (which is a nature-inspired business), as I have always loved nature and it is still a little side hustle of mine to help bring joy to others through that. Check it out of if you get a chance.


I have since moved back to Colorado with my hubby and puppy and am enjoying the majestic mountains, which have always called my name. You see although, I am a girly girl, I love having the sun kiss my face and find so much happiness in nature, and LOVE snowboarding and hiking to the top of any mountain in style of course. I fly a lot for this business and when I land here in Denver, it is where my heart truly feels at home. Now I work with many brands, showrooms, and major retailers on retail strategy and help them build company, while exceeding goals, and coming up with ideas, and strategy all the time. Sometimes, I work all over the country, sometimes I go international, it just all depends on what my brand's needs are.  

Let's harvest something awesome together and bloom into something beautiful! 

Love, Courtney Noelle Maddox